Facilities & Services

Thomas O. Daniel Research Incubator and Collaboration Center (TODRICC) is a newly designed and renovated 16,000 sq ft shared laboratory and office space located within the Celgene research laboratory building in Summit, NJ. It contains:

  • 16 laboratory benches to accommodate equipment and lab personnel
  • 4 BSL-2 suites and additional 4 BSL-2 hoods
  • 2 chemical fume hoods
  • 5 huddle rooms
  • 2 large conference rooms
  • 20 individual offices with 39 desks and internet connections
  • Kitchenette, touch down and communal spaces
  • Event/lecture room


Generalized biological lab consisting of

  • Deionized water, ice, supply services, freezer, refrigerators, centrifuges, CO2 incubators, microscopes, FACS, PCR, plate reader, etc.


  • Maintenance of facilities (cleaning/waste) and equipment
  • EHS training and on-boarding
  • Centralized reagent and consumables